How to Upload Completed Registration




  • Chigbata Michael

    How do I get administrator login? Or who's an administrator

  • Olabisi tiamiyu

    Who is an administrator

  • Olabisi tiamiyu

    But the email used for payments did not go offline, or should I use my login mail


    pls i upload 120 candidates and it reported successfull and retured with registration numbers but on the  online i can only see 14 candidates registered what will i do pls

  • Oladelegandg6

    Hello support Team. 

    i successfully uploaded 105 candidates and after few hours when i checked, it was only one candidate registered. i tried calling the support lines to no avail. please attend to these sir/ma.

  • brightfuturecollege
    • Good day Sir/Ma,
    • After successfully uploading the 38 candidates for our school, following the details instruction, I checked the online registration, it shows 0 candidates uploaded. this happened since Friday last week till now it has not been effected. what can i do

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