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  • Samson Ejim

    Please how do I create an Admin account?

  • Arowosafe Opeyemi

    I'm an agent and i have customers I register for. please How can I create an account for NCEE and SSCE

  • Lateef Ahmed

    How do i create user account for an agent

  • Arowosafe Opeyemi

    Call me 07082103134 for more enquiries on how to create agent account

  • Immaco1 Int'l

    Please Neco support can you tell us here in Akwa Ibom why the State Office should put punishment on the schools in the state and compels them that Neco registration, if it not done in the state office that registration of those candidates are and any schools does it own would not have result that registrations are illegal. if you were here to see the kinds of surfer people from the intidior part of the state are going through, somebody 1 cadidate for update would pay transport of 3,000 naira just to submit with them at the office. please i want you tell the general public that the dose not or have a right to handle their candidates registration if they have all it take to do or give it to the nearest cyber cafe as being done in WAEC every years, the punishment are too much. my name may not included as it has to do with the public thanks.

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