You're required to validate your registered candidates and to do this, you need to print out the Validation CardValidation list, Entry Schedule, and Subject Analysis after you must have captured your candidates' bio-data. See the steps below to proceed: 

  1. At the top-right of your candidates’ list page, you’ll see the “Print Report” column.

  2. Hover your cursor over it and you’ll see three options as follows: Print validation card, Print validation listPrint Entry Schedule, and Print Subject Analysis.

  3. Go ahead and select all your registered candidates and then click each one of the lists after the other to print out each one of the lists. See the image below:  


    4. Find below the sample for the Validation card, Validation list, Entry Schedule, and Subject Analysis:

Validation Card:  Screenshot__339_.png 

Validation List:    Screenshot__341_.png

Entry Schedule:  Screenshot__342_.png

Subject Analysis:  Screenshot__343_.png

Take all the printed copies to your nearest NECO office!