Registering a candidate for the NCEE examination requires you to purchase a registration quota via your NCEE account before you can fill out the registration form.

The ADD CANDIDATE button which is the button that takes you to the registration form will not produce the form until payment has been made. See How to Make Payment for the Candidate Registration 

To register a candidate, follow the simple steps below:

  • Step 1
    Login to the NCEE Registration page here

  • Step 2
    On the Dashboard, click on ADD CANDIDATE

  • Step 3
    Fill in the required fields and upload the candidate's passport. Passport should not be more than 1Mb

  • Step 4
    Fill in the Parent/Guardian information or tick the checkbox to use your account information 

  • Step 5
    Select one school for each of the six geo-political zones. You should have six choice schools in total

  • Step 6

Click on the preview button as seen in the image above, to check that all information provided is correct and check the two boxes as seen below, to affirm that the child you're registering is in primary six and that there would be no room for correction after the submission of the form. Then submit

Step 7 

Print out your photocard and you're done!