The Validation process is a compulsory step in the registration process for Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE INTERNAL) and the  Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). It was introduced to help curb several cases of mistakes made on candidates' information during registration.

With this validation process, it is mandatory for all the prospective candidates to cross-check their registration details (biodata, subjects and passport photograph) before signing on the validation slip. 


  • It is mandatory that each student goes through their registration details themselves and make sure it is correct before signing on the validation slip.

  • Signing on the validation slip confirms that the candidate has accepted that all their information (biodata, subjects and passport photograph) are correct.

  • If any mistake is detected on a candidate's registration details before submitting the validation slip, the centre admin can make corrections via the offline application and print a new validation list and photocard for the candidate before submitting it to the state officer.

  • If any mistake is detected on a candidate's registration details after validation and upload of candidates it is assumed a non-validation case and the centre has to pay a non-validation fee of seven thousand (7000) naira only via the NECO payment application before correction can be made for that candidate.

  • Centres must validate their candidates through their NECO state officer before they can be able to make payment and upload their candidates.

  • Centres must visit their NECO state office with a faultless validation slip for candidate accreditation by the state officer. 

  • After meeting NECO validation requirements by submitting the candidate validation list, your State Admins (State Officers) will then grant access to the number of candidates he/she has validated for your school to make payments and upload candidates.

If you logged in to your centre's online platform and happened to see a note "Centre not Validated" prompting you to visit your state NECO office to validate your centre, this means that your candidate's validation list has not been validated by your state officer, therefore you cannot make payment to upload your candidates until you validate your candidates.