Forgetting your password can be quite annoying, especially when you want to do something important. Here are guidelines to follow to create a new password:

1. On the login page of your NCEE account, click on "forgot password" which is immediately under the login box.

2. You're taken to a new page requesting you to input your email address. Kindly type in your email address and click on "reset password"


2. Check your email inbox, open the message sent you by NECO and click on the "reset password" link sent you. The link opens up to a new page where you'll be required to type a new password and confirm it in the next box.


3. Type in your new password and confirm it by repeating it on the "confirm password" box; then click on "reset password"

4. Once you've clicked on "reset password" you'll be redirected to login into your account, using the new password you created. A successful password reset and login will take you to your dashboard. There! You're good to go!