The biometrics capturing is a compulsory stage of the registration process and below are a step by step guide on how to capture your biometrics on the biometrics app:

  • Input your centre number and click on the 'proceed' button to log in. See the image below:  Screenshot__308_.png

  • Click on the update candidate list button which is at the top right of your dashboard, to retrieve the candidates you've already registered online. See the image below:   biometric_dashboard.JPG

  • Confirm your admin login details to proceed with updating your candidates' list. See the image below:    password_page.JPG
  • Click on the biometric capture column which is at the top-right middle of your dashboard. This will take you to the fingerprint capturing page.  
  • Connect your fingerprint scanner to your computer, select the candidate you want to capture and then click on the start capture button to start capturing your fingerprints. See the image below:  Screenshot__311_.png
  • Click on the 'save biometric' button to save the captured candidate after you're done capturing all the fingerprints. See the image below:   Screenshot__313_.png
  • After you've captured all your candidates, and before you exit the biometric capture page, click on the 'upload biometric' button which is at the top-right of your screen and all your captured candidates will be uploaded.   Screenshot__314_.png

Once you've uploaded your captured candidates, you're done with the biometric capturing.