Here is a step by step guide on how to register your candidate on SSCE Internal:

 Step One: Log into your SSCE internal account through

Step Two: On your dashboard menu, click on  Register Candidate which is on the left-hand side of your screen, and this will take you to the registration form. See the image below for a description  Screenshot__274_.png

 Step Three: Fill out the candidate's biodata. Click on the “Next” button to move to the next page as seen in the image above.                                                                         

Upload your passport photograph by clicking on the middle of the passport box, select your passport from your system, click on the Submit button, and then Next  pass_1.png

NB: If after selecting your passport photograph, you cannot see the Submit button, kindly zoom
 your page and you will see the “submit” button and then click on the “Next” button afterward

See the image below:  pass_2.png

 Step Four: Select your subjects. Bear in mind that the three core subjects which are MathematicsEnglish, and Civic Education are already auto-selected by the system. You will have to select an additional 5 or 6  subjects to proceed. See the image below:


 Also, note that it is compulsory to select a “TRADE” subject out of the six or five additional subjects which you're required to select. Kindly click on the “TRADE” column to select one trade subject. See the image below:  trade.png

 Fill out the candidate's CA1 and CA2 scores for all your selected subjects, preview all your selected subjects, and then click on the “NEXT” button. See the image below:  View_candidates.png

 Step Five: Read through the information you provided and then click on the “SAVE” button which is at the top-right side of your screen. See the image below:  save_form.png

 That's it, you are all done with your bio-data capturing, proceed then to the biometrics.