The simple steps below will guide you on how to purchase candidate registration quota and Four figure table for SSCE External.

STEP 1: Visit the login page,, and enter your login credentials to log in.

 STEP 2: When you have successfully logged in to your SSCE External account, on the dashboard click on the PURCHASE QUOTA button. 

 STEP 3: A checkout form will be opened on the right-hand side of your screen. Select the type of payment you wish to make, enter the total number of registration quota(s), and/or four-figure table quota(s) you wish to purchase, then click on the MAKE PAYMENT button.


STEP 4: A breakdown of the items you are paying for and the total amount will be displayed. Cross-check the figures before proceeding to make payment.

 STEP 5: Select the checkbox to verify that the payment breakdown information is correct, then click on PROCEED TO PAY to proceed to make payment.

NOTE: If you do not select the checkbox, you will not be able to proceed to make a payment, and once you have verified and made payments, these payments are non-refundable.


STEP 6: You will be redirected to the Remita payment platform where you will make the payment. The amount payable will be displayed. Click on the SUBMIT button to proceed with the payment.

 STEP 7: Choose your preferred payment option to make payment.

STEP 8: After a successful payment, you will get a notification just as in the image below. Then your purchased quota(s) will be allocated to you.