About SSCE External

SSCE External examination is for candidates in their last stage of Secondary School Education and candidates that are not in the School system, i.e. Private Candidates. The minimum number of subjects a candidate can register for is eight while the maximum is nine. You can find out more about the guidelines, fees, timetable, and other useful information here -> https://www.neco.gov.ng/our-exams/ssce-external/.

The new SSCE External registration starts with; 

  1. A candidate making payments and registering via the online registration app https://ssceexternal.neco.gov.ng/ 
  2. Completing the registration by capturing your biometric fingerprint at a café nearest to you. You can find one by searching for a registration point here -> https://operator.neco.gov.ng/.

Note: Café operators can find more information and download the offline app here ->https://ssceexternal.neco.gov.ng/    

The diagram below gives a quick overview of the SSCE External registration process.

Visit the more detailed step-by-step articles below to guide you through the registration process.

SSCE Ext Online application

SSCE Ext Offline application (for operators)