Your registration can be tagged completed after you must have been assigned a registration number and printed out your final photocard. In view of this, the steps below will guide you on how to complete your registration and print out the final photocard:

After validating your candidates' list at the NECO office and making payment for the validated candidates, then log in to your SSCE internal account to complete the last stage of the registration.

 On your online app' dashboard, you'll see the "upload candidates" column, which is at the top-right of your screen, click on it to upload all your candidates whose biometrics have been updated. Your registration number will be generated upon completion of this action. See the image below:  

Proceed to print your photocard. To do this, click on the candidates' column on your dashboard. At the end of the row for each of the completed candidates, you'll see the "view photocard" column, click on it to view your photocard. See sample photocard below: