If you've been able to register your candidate(s) and you need to change or correct a mistake after submitting the form, you can do so by following the steps below;

  1. Login to your NCEE Account.
  2. Click on CANDIDATES and the page will be populated with all registered candidate(s).

    3.  First, click on the 3-dot menu button at the end of the registered candidate. Then secondly, click EDIT to edit candidate(s).

    4. The candidate's registration information will be shown, and all fields will be available to be edited.

    5. Change or Replace candidates with new information. Click on PREVIEW to review the form and ensure all changes are correct.

    6.  After previewing the photocard and ensuring all the candidate's information has been corrected, tick the CHECKBOX  which confirms there are no more corrections, and then SUBMIT.

Note! You can only make corrections once and you can not change the biodata and passport at the same time.