Centres are required to update their information and create a CENTRE ADMIN account which will be used to manage all their candidate records.

To update your center information follow the steps below;

  • STEP 1
    Visit the BECE online login page here

  • STEP 2
    On the page click on 'Claim a Centre'


  • STEP 3
    Enter your center number and Click on DISPLAY CENTRE INFO       


    Enter your new Center Admin Information to update your center info. i.e email address, full name, phone number, and then click on the "dispute" button. If you already have an account on any of our neco exam platforms, the system will notify you that "you're already an existing user", as seen in the picture below. So, you'll only input your email address to dispute your centre.


  • STEP 4
    Once your dispute has been approved, an activation email with a link for login will be sent to your email. Kindly note that this link expires after 24 hours

    NB: If you already have an account on any of our NECO exam platforms, you'll be sent a login link and not an activation link to log in with your already existing email and password

  • STEP 5
    Enter a new password, confirm new, and then click on Reset Password. This action is for those who do not have an existing account on any of our NECO exams platforms. Instead of a "login" link, you'll get an activation link where you'll be required to reset your password

  • STEP 6
    Enter your center number, the username (email or phone number), and your password to login into your center's account