The SENIOR SCHOOL CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION (SSCE) INTERNAL examination is taken by candidates in the final year of Secondary School Education. 

The SSCE INTERNAL offline and online applications are a suite of software that enables schools (centres) to register their candidates (offline application), make payment (online app), and manage their candidates' information for the SSCE internal (Jun/Jul) Examination.

Click HERE to find out how to download the SSCE Internal Biometric Capture App.

The minimum number of candidates to be registered by a school for SSCE Internal is twenty (20). Any centre registering less than 20 candidates is deemed unviable.


  1. Centres must have been registered with NECO and in the database.
  2. For new centres, check the article links below for information on how to claim a centre
  3. Centres must visit the nearest NECO state office with their candidates' validation list for candidate accreditation by the state officer.
  4. Centres must validate candidates before they can make payment for their registration.
  5. Any centre registering less than 20 candidates is deemed unviable and will have to pay an unviable fee.

With the SSCE (Internal) Examination Portal, you can perform these tasks below:

  • Update Centre information by creating an admin account.
  • Login and Make payments for the validated candidates. 
  • Upload candidate information and generate exam numbers.
  • View candidates and print photo cards.
  • Upload candidates’  First, Second and Third-year continuous assessment scores (CA3)

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 Kindly visit our SSCE_internal website for more information.