Have you been debited for a particular payment/transaction relating to token/result checker purchase, quota/registration pin purchase, and your payment still reads pending after you've queried the status severally? 

This means that your transaction is yet to be processed by remita and you may have to write an email to them through support@remita.net to request your receipt of payment, and this will prompt them to process the said payment from their end. 

If your payment remains pending after getting your receipt, forward your receipt to suppport@neco.gov.ng for further querying of your transaction in order for you to get your token or quota afterward. 

Noteworthily, our system of dispensing tokens or quotas is automatic and not assigned manually. It only dispenses a token or quota when it recognizes a successful payment.

Also, bear in mind that a remita invoice is different from a remita receipt and what is needed for the resolution of this issue is the RECEIPT.